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Registration for these groups will be up soon! Once groups open, there will be more information on times, days, and locations that groups will be held.

If interested in more information about our groups, please fill out this form and one of our team members will reach out to you with more information.

Baby Harmonics and Little Harmonics

Our Baby and Little Harmonics Groups are the perfect way to encourage bonding and quality time between you and your child(ren). Our class is designed by highly-trained board certified music therapists that specialize in infant and early childhood interventions. Since our music therapists are trained in working with a variety of individuals, this is a music group for children of ALL abilities


Not only is there science supporting the benefits of your child hearing your voice and interacting with you when they are this young, but there is also data that supports that making music relieves stress and increases bonding for everyone.

Our Baby Harmonics Group focuses on different needs of families and their babies during the postpartum period from birth to 12 months. We also show parents how we can use music to support a variety of needs and concerns that come up that first year of life for their new child.


In this group we will cover:

  • Supporting newborn developmental milestones

  • Communicating with babies through music

  • Parenting support for the child and the parent

  • Expression for parents through music

  • Working with babies with disabilities and different medical needs

Our Little Harmonics Group focuses on your child playing a variety of instruments, moving to music, introducing props to use with music to support gross and fine motor skills, singing/babbling/chanting to music, socializing with other children in their age range, and musical exploration. We hone in on the best way your child learns: through play!


In this group we will cover:

  • Exploration

  • Communication

  • Socialization

  • Movement

  • Imagination

  • Creativity

  • PLAY!

So come ready to make music and have fun while supporting your child’s language, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.


Groups are $25 for per child or $35 for families with more than one child.

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