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Adapted Lessons

At Helpful Harmonies Music Therapy, we currently offer adapted lessons in voice and ukulele (with potential to add guitar and piano very soon). Since we are a relationship-based practice, we believe the best starting point to teach a child is routed in relying on their strengths. Our approach to our adapted lessons are very similar to our approach in therapy; we rely on the individual strengths and needs of each child. We then continue to encourage those areas to connect and grow the love of music with your child.

How do you adapt lessons to meet my child’s needs?

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

Here are a few examples:

(not an all inclusive list)

  • color/letter/number coding rather than using complex musical notation

  • alternate or simplified tuning for ukulele

  • use of chord buddy for ukulele

  • enlarged or simplified music to minimize distraction

  • Braille on music for visually impaired individuals

  • highlighting music to aid with visual tracking

  • use of a picture schedule or checklist to structure the session and reduce frustration

  • focus on preferred songs and music genres to increase motivation

  • opportunities for sensory breaks or to engage in preferred music activities between more difficult musical tasks (singing, playing instruments, reading a singable story)

Many children with special needs show interest in learning an instrument but are not able to benefit from traditional music lessons. Helpful Harmonies specializes in adapting instructional methods based on the child’s strengths and learning style. 

What are some benefits of music lessons?

  • Raised self esteem

  • Increased ability to complete tasks

  • A more positive mood

  • Improved Eye/Hand Coordination

  • Improved Fine Motor Planning

  • Improved Ocular Motor Skills

  • Improved Auditory Processing

  • Hand Stabilization/Finger Isolation

  • Better Posture/Shoulder Strength

  • Improved Sensory Tolerance

Piano Lesson

Lessons are $70 for 30 minutes, $120 for 60 minutes.

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