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About Our Team

Haleigh spent the first 7 years of practicing music therapy in the Dallas Metroplex. During her time there, she worked primarily in special education and at a hospital for adolescents with eating disorders. Haleigh has been published several times because of her work with these populations and has had the unique opportunity to work with Vance Joy on discussing the impact of current music and its ability to be utilized with youth in developing appropriate coping mechanisms. Also during her work at Frisco ISD, Haleigh’s main goal was to make resources for families and teachers accessible so that any student being served could have the supports they needed in their own unique environment. Her resource became so widely used by staff and families in the district that it was eventually published and displayed as the standard resource list by the special education department during the Covid-19 pandemic.


During Haleigh’s time in Frisco ISD, she provided group services to all centralized special education class types from the Early Childhood School to the 18+ Program. For three years, she was the sole music therapist for the Early Childhood School and facilitated group services to over 1000 students at this campus alone. She also worked with students who had music therapy on their Individual Education Plan (IEP) and designed creative session plans that addressed student’s specific IEP goals. She was able to conduct these sessions through in-person, virtual, and consult support to ensure continuity of services. Haleigh also is highly experienced in the procedures and laws surrounding Annual Review and Dismissal meetings (ARD) and completing IDEA compliant evaluations  by using the Special Education Music Therapy Assessment Handbook (SEMTAP).


In 2021, Haleigh had her first child (Magnolia) with her husband of six years, Jonathan. After several years of struggling to get pregnant and having Magnolia prematurely, Jonathan and Haleigh knew once she was born that it was time to move closer to family. Haleigh graduated from Friendswood High School and attended all 12 years of schooling in the Friendswood ISD system. She knew there was no better area to raise their child and start a practice. 


Helpful Harmonies was created with the idea and relationship that Haleigh had with her daughter Magnolia. While in the womb, Haleigh sang “You Are My Sunshine” to Magnolia every day. Along with the significance of this song, and Magnolia being Haleigh’s rainbow baby, the logo and the idea of Helpful Harmonies was created. In the logo, you can see a staff with a melody line. This line reads “You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray”. It is the intent of this musical phrase of the song paired with the rainbow to show all of Helpful Harmonies clients that there is hope in the therapeutic process and that it is a bridge between where we are and where we are going.

For more information on Haleigh’s professional experience, please click here or visit Haleigh’s Linkedin Profile.


Partner in Business

Autumn Oak Speech, Voice, & Hearing

The experienced team at Autumn Oak Speech, Voice, and Hearing takes great pride in offering a comprehensive array of speech and hearing services to those living in and around Friendswood and Pearland, Texas. Whether you are ready to embark on the path toward better hearing or you could benefit from speech therapy, our highly trained staff is here to help.

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