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Updated: Feb 11


Today I am sharing a video and song to one of my favorite new books!

I recently discovered the book "Too Much" by Jolene Gutiérrez and illustrated by Angel Chang. This has been great to work on clients who have sensory processing disorders and need to work on communication, self-expression, coping skills, autonomy, advocacy, reading comprehension, and to overall start an inclusive conversation that their voice can be a part of.

The author shares,

"A reassuring rhyming picture book about sensory overload and what you can do when everything is too much.

When feelings go on overload,
I pause and breathe
and all is . . . slowed.

Sometimes everything is too much! Too loud, too bright, and all too overwhelming. Writing from her own experience with sensory processing disorder, award-winning teacher-librarian Jolene Gutiérrez’s compassionate picture book explores the struggles of a sensorily sensitive child and how they settle themselves. Joined by Angel Chang’s beautiful color illustrations, young readers will learn that it’s OK if some days are too much."

Not only does this book work on a multitude of goals, it also starts the conversation for individuals with different needs and accommodations to have a say in what their day to day looks like and to feel validated in their experiences.

To purchase this book, you can buy it on amazon here.

I have added the video of the melody and implementation of this book to the google drive! It can be accessed HERE!

Hope you all enjoy adding this to your sessions and I would love to hear feedback on how it goes with clients!

Take care!

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