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Helpful Harmonies
Music Therapy

“Be everything that you are unapologetically, most of you will find out that you are not just one color, you are a Rainbow.”
― Mridula Singh

Our mission is to create an inclusive environment for populations seeking accessible therapy and provide them with superior support through the entire therapeutic process.

Helpful Harmonies

Inclusion. Accessibility. Superior Support.

Helpful Harmonies Music Therapy was created with the intent that inclusion always comes first. For that reason, we are an affirming practice with therapists that believe in equity of services, accessibility of music therapy, and sustainable professional practices. Helpful Harmonies also promotes autonomy for all of their clients, which is the level of support that sets them apart from other practices.


At Helpful Harmonies, we provide superior support to our clients through the entire process. Something that sets us apart from other therapists is our continued commitment to increasing accessibility of services and resources for not only our clients, but for our community. We believe that there is a lack of accessibility for individuals seeking therapy in our area. At Helpful Harmonies, we strive to bridge this gap.

We are a neurodiversity affirming practice and also utilize humanistic approaches in all of our sessions. Our therapists are here to create a welcoming space and build a truly unique connection with each of our clients. We first and foremost base our practices in relational therapy. In order to connect with our clients, we most importantly need strong rapport with each of them to best assist them in the goals and areas of needs their families want for them. This is why we require that all of our clients undergo an individualized evaluation.

We do this to recognize and cultivate the unique potential of each client by being able to view the whole person. Once the relationship is built and an appropriate assessment of all needs are considered, we develop an ambitious plan for each client that is derived from current research and that considers all of the individual’s abilities. Throughout the therapeutic process, we are in constant communication with caregivers and other professionals on their support team to create a cohesive and collaborative environment that will provide the highest level of support for our client.


To schedule a free consultation and to speak with someone at our therapy center, please click the button below or email (

Getting to know you and your needs is important to us!

We offer a free 30-minute consultation so that you can get to know us and make the best decision about the service that is right for you.

Haleigh Beaird

Is an ambitious music therapist and owner of Helpful Harmonies Music Therapy with 8 years of clinical experience. Helpful Harmonies Music Therapy was established in 2022 to assist individuals of all ages with disabilities, parents with young children in the community, memory care or assisted living facilities with quality of life care, and surrounding school district’s special education programs.

Haleigh is a Board Certified Music Therapist (#13057) who has a Master of Music Therapy degree from Texas Woman’s University, and a Bachelor’s in Music Therapy from Texas Woman’s University, where she completed her 1,500-hour internship with Texas Health and Human Services at the Denton State Supported Living Center working with residents with intellectual disabilities. For more information please visit our "About Our Team" page.


Therapy with 
Helpful Harmonies

Helpful Harmonies Music Therapy is currently accepting inquiries and referrals at this time for music therapy services. Helpful Harmonies is happy to offer a variety of services to the southeast side of Houston. 

A young boy hitting a drum in a music therapy session

Listen to
Our Clients

“As a teacher and then as an instructional coach, I was fully confident that all students were receiving the most impactful needs-based music therapy that was rooted in the best therapeutic practices while also covering targeted Texas Pre-K Guidelines. Haleigh worked diligently to include all students with a variety of abilities (physical, emotional, academic, and communication). She is a gift to any student or adult who gets to work with her!”

- Laura Holifield - Early Childhood Instructional Coach and Former Pre-K teacher/team lead for 10+ years 

Music therapist clapping hands on computer while early childhood student follows along.

Covid 19 Protocol

At Helpful Harmonies, we see numerous clients who are immunocompromised. We want to do our part and protect our clients to the best of our abilities. For these reasons, we have put a COVID-19 protocol in place that we ask all of our families to please respect and abide by to the best of their abilities. We understand that this protocol may be difficult for some of our clients to adhere to due to medical and sensory needs.

Accommodations are available on a case-by-case basis. We also ask that you view this protocol as a plan to not only protect our families, but our therapists as well so that we may continue to serve you to the best of our abilities. 
Right now transmission in our area remains LOW, but if this is to change we will notify our clients immediately so that proper accommodations can be made. 

Along with our Covid-19 Protocol, we take other precautions in our center for our client’s safety. Between each session, instruments will be sanitized properly to ensure that the transmission of germs is low between clients. We also book our clients one at a time with space between each session so that families coming in and out of our center have limited contact. 


As always, we appreciate your cooperation and trusting us with your child’s health in our center.


To see what the current transmission level is in your area, please use the sources below.

How can Helpful Harmonies help?

Here are some examples of how we may use music therapy with our clients!


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